As a parent myself, mine and my staff’s #1 concern is the safety of your children.

All the staff here at Sunflower Children’s Academy is certified in CPR and First Aid. We are also certified in how to use an EpiPen and how to administer nebulizer treatments through NYS. There is also a life vat kit available in the school at all times, should an unfortunate choking situation occur.  

We recently started using Brightwheel which is an innovative tool for classroom management and communication with the parents. We can send videos and pictures throughout the day. We use this software to send daily reports about your child and we can even correspond with you in real time about any changes in pick up etc. It monitors who pick us up and drops off your child as well as time stamps. Brightwheel makes sure that staff and students are compliant at all times and follows the NYS ratio requirements. The school also has security cameras outside the home for your security. Doors will be locked outside of drop off and pick up times and only authorized people can pick up your child. 

Feel free to sign up for a free account on Brightwheel to learn more or to send us a secure message.