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Here at Sunflowers, we strive to make the relationship between child, parent and teacher a positive experience. Our goal is to create a safe loving environment so your child can thrive as they gain independence and learn through child play and creativity.  Our curriculum adopts the philosophies of the holistic child to include the five aspects of child development: 

  • Physical development- all about growing and developing motor skills
  • Social skills- how children interact with others and communicate in their world.
  • Emotional Understanding- learning to express emotions in a healthy way.
  • Intellectual development- Cognitive, creativity and acquiring skills for learning
  • Spiritual development- building morals, values and caring for the world.

The value of play in creating a holistic environment is most important…  It is through play that children learn so many basic skills.

Creating a safe play environment for your child is an important aspect of holistic education. Parents need to have peace of mind when it comes to the activities their children are engaged in. Children need a safe area where they can explore freely and actively. That is why the selection and placement of the toys here at Sunflower’s is very important. You will find an array of fun, safe and age appropriate toys in a wide open space for your child to play.   

In addition to the many skills developed through play, developing language skills through holistic play is a vital part of development in the early years of learning. Your child is like a little sponge, just waiting to absorb every word. Language skills help self-expression, communication and socializing. A child who can communicate is confident and ready to learn new things and explore new areas.  COVID had a direct impact in the progression of language in the early years of our children. Wearing masks to help stop the spread of the virus was mandated but children learn by watching our mouths move as well as our facial expressions.  We will work diligently to improve these skills with the proper activities introduced at Sunflowers; such as playing games, exploring nature by identifying scenery, sharing picture books etc. Everything you do with your child is a language opportunity.  

Good nutrition is one of the most important things you will learn here at Sunflowers. Optimal nutrition in early childhood not only supports growth and development to the child’s full potential, it can also initiate and enforce healthy eating habits that contribute to overall health and well-being, and that may extend into later childhood and beyond.     The owner has spent the last year obtaining her certification in health and wellness, as well as holistic nutrition, and will be preparing organic and non-GMO meals and snacks for your child as well as allow the kids to engage in the preparation, choosing and serving of the food. Children love to help in the kitchen and here at Sunflowers it is encouraged.  


Infant, 1-2 years
During these years you will watch you baby start to become less like an infant and more like a curious toddler. You will notice a physical transformations, your 1 year old begins to master motor skills that help them gain a bit of independence. You will soon get to see their unique personality develop before your very eyes! Babies learn from their environment; parents & caregivers are the role models they observe and follow to learn about the world around them.
Our teachers will provide love, patience and coddling techniques that will allow your child to feel safe and secure in their environment. At this stage, your child will start to respond to their name, repeat words you say and wave goodbye. We encourage the use of blocks, picture books, peek-a-boo play and many other fun activities that promotes independence & encourages learning.
2-3 years
Get your running shoes on because baby is developing balance and knows how to move fast! At this age they love to throw a ball, build high towers of 4 or more blocks, put simple puzzles together, follow simple directions and shows much more independence. They play briefly alongside other children (parallel play) and get excited to be around other kids. They sometimes show defiance and use their voice. They are able to follow 2-step directions and name items in a book. Some children will start to take an interest in potty training, but not all of them will so, don't get concerned! Fun age appropriate activities are sorting by colors, counting, dancing, singing, and a lot of other creative, child based learning activities. We will introduce a short circle time with sound and color therapy.
3 & 4 years
There is so much going on in a preschooler's development from 3-4 years. At this age there might be big emotional developments, early friendships, longer sentences, a stronger memory, new physical skills and so much more! The creativity at this age is explosive and so enjoyable to watch. Here at Sunflower we provide the necessary tools and centers that enable our preschoolers to express themselves; like creativity tables, dramatic play with household set ups, puppets, outside & inside activities. We will introduce kids animal yoga, the mediation monkey, cooking, outside mud kitchen, garden maintenance and so much more.
Before Care (school aged)
We provide before care to the children of the East Moriches School District. The bus comes directly to the home of Sunflower to pick up the kids and drops them directly at the elementary school. A delicious, nutritious breakfast is served every morning and a menu will be provided monthly. We provide board games, creativity tables, as well as down time for reading or finishing up homework. The kids can go out half and hour before the bus arrives, weather permitting. Fridays are Chocolate Chip Trivia day!!

Loving staff certified by NYS who participate in ongoing training throughout the year.

Small group facility with a maximum of 12 kids at one time.

Owner, NYS certified teacher in business over 17 years… over 32 years teaching experience

Owner, Masters in cuddles, hugs and Education

Licensed NYS childcare Facility

Member of the Child Care Council

Owner is Certified in health and wellness and holistic nutrition

Bright wheels interactive software for parents

Organic and non-GMO meals prepared and served

Family style eating / grazing table

Vegetable/fruit and butterfly garden

Mud Kitchen

ABC Mouse

Meditation Monkey

Kid’s yoga


Color & sound therapy, plus so much more.

"Sunflower Children’s Academy is a wonderful child care facility where your child will receive the kind, caring and nurturing love they would receive at home. They will makes lots friends, and have great fun while learning and building a love of learning that will carry them on through to grade school. I will always recommend Sunflower Children’s Academy to any parent seeking childcare."
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